The Future of Firewire

At the time of development FireWire was transferring information up to 30 times faster then the USB port. In 1986 the FireWire port was so fast that it was considered to be ahead of its time. Release was delayed until 1995. Currently FireWire ports are installed in most computers and are becoming more popular every day.In the Future FireWire ports may take over all USB 2.0 ports and electronics will begin using FireWire ports and chords to plug into electronic devices. They currently come in three configurations; 4 pins, 6 pins or 9 pins. 4 pin FireWire is a common connection for a video camera. It transfers good data but carries no power. 6 pin FireWire does carry enough electrical current to power small devices and has a data transfer speed of up to 400 mb / second. 9 pin FireWire is known as FireWire 800. It has a data transfer speed of up to 800 mb / second. This connection is not common on regular computers. It does carry enough electrical current to power printers and other large electronic devices. FireWire 800 will soon become more popular in the common man’s computer. With this connection you will be able to power your electronic devices using your computer and will be able to transfer data and faster and faster rates. When this technology is combined with other technologies like fiber optics then the possibilities become unimaginable. FireWire ports of all kinds will make a huge impact on the future of the electronic industry.