06.Aug.2013 Baking Recipes That Are Low In Sodium

Recent studies have shown that almost all adults and children in the United States exceed their daily recommended intake of sodium. While moderate levels of sodium are necessary for a healthy body, too much can cause serious health problems.

Unfortunately, many traditional baked goods are incredibly high in sodium. So what can you do to satisfy your sweet tooth without spiking your sodium? Consider these recipe ideas, which have all the taste, without the salt content.

- Fruit-based deserts. Baked goods which use fruit tend to be far lower in sodium. Find Read more ›

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07.Jun.2013 Baking Recipes For That Special Vegan In Your Life

If you have a special vegan in your life who you like to cook and bake for, you might feel pretty stressed out about coming up with recipes that he or she will eat. Although you might think it is close to impossible to bake while keeping your recipes vegan, you should know that there are plenty of substitutions that you can make in order to bake delicious cakes, cookies and more that don’t contain dairy products or other things that vegans don’t eat. There are also plenty of recipe books and websites Read more ›

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08.Apr.2013 Ways To Bake Cakes In Under 30 Minutes

Baking a cake can be a great way to treat yourself and your family and to spend a bit of therapeutic time in the kitchen, but it can be time-consuming. If you are busy or are in a hurry, you might not think that you will have time to bake a cake, but you should know that there are ways that you can bake cakes in 30 minutes or less.

For instance, you can try making cupcakes instead of sheet cakes. Cupcakes don’t take as long to bake, and frosting them can be a Read more ›

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08.Jun.2012 Cool New Devices Featuring FireWire

Like its cousin USB, Firewire is a relatively new technology that is showing up on the computers and devices we use in our homes and offices. It is a means for transferring data at high speeds and it is “hot swappable”. This means that you can plug in or remove peripheral devices without powering down your computer or server. This is especially important on a network where other people are accessing that computer or server and shutting down would interrupt their work. For the home computer user it simply makes life easier Read more ›

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15.Feb.2011 Security Issues to Consider

This is just a fun thought. Hacking as easy as 1-2-3. Heck, if you managed to get to this article, you have the tech savvy to break virtually any online business. Will you? Probably not. But it’s a great show of why so much time and energy are put into developing and implementing computer security systems. Whether we’re talking about protecting your business or protecting your PC, geniuses have spent thousands of hours working it out so you just have to click and buy.But how much protection does your computer need? Everyone knows they need an antivirus program, because stuff happens. Of course, there’s a few free ones out there, so make sure you shop around. Beyond that, you’re going to want to look into the only-slightly-more-advanced spyware blockers, which do basically the same job but for a slightly different attacker.But as you look up and up and what you might have happen, consider a few key questions:What are you protecting?How likely is an attack against you?How hard is it to replace what you’ve compiled, and what’s the risk if someone else gets it?If you’re in the low-risk category, consider backing up key files, like photos, videos, and important documents, onto an external hard drive and resting easy. In the long run, they’re cheaper than a high-end security system.If you’re in the higher-risk category, you can get all kinds of protection, like security programs specifically for your email, instant messengers, and even video games. Just make sure you shop around, and watch out for introductory offers that fade away to expensive subscriptions. Of course, for all your protection, just remember that something unexpected can always come up.

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11.Feb.2011 The Future of FireWire

At the time of development FireWire was transferring information up to 30 times faster then the USB port. In 1986 the FireWire port was so fast that it was considered to be ahead of its time. Release was delayed until 1995. Currently FireWire ports are installed in most computers and are becoming more popular every day.In the Future FireWire ports may take over all USB 2.0 ports and electronics will begin using FireWire ports and chords to plug into electronic devices. They currently come in three configurations; 4 pins, 6 pins or 9 pins. 4 pin FireWire is a common connection for a video camera. It transfers good data but carries no power. 6 pin FireWire does carry enough electrical current to power small devices and has a data transfer speed of up to 400 mb / second. 9 pin FireWire is known as FireWire 800. It has a data transfer speed of up to 800 mb / second. This connection is not common on regular computers. It does carry enough electrical current to power printers and other large electronic devices. FireWire 800 will soon become more popular in the common man’s computer. With this connection you will be able to power your electronic devices using your computer and will be able to transfer data and faster and faster rates. When this technology is combined with other technologies like fiber optics then the possibilities become unimaginable. FireWire ports of all kinds will make a huge impact on the future of the electronic industry.

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10.Feb.2011 Is FireWire Right For Your Home Hook-up?

Many computer users get really scared of terms they don’t understand. They know how to use their computer and they are happy doing things the way they have been done for years instead of trying out new technology. Firewire is a way to connect devices to your computer. It is very similar to USB. However, it is over three times as fast as USB.What that means in simpler terms is that transferring files to and from a computer just got a whole lot faster. It can take hours to transfer that home video footage off of a hard drive and onto your PC. With firewire, that entire process will take merely twenty minutes. In fact, many tests have been done to show just what kind of speed improvements you can expect. The problem with Firewire is that it is not as accessible as USB. More devices and computers support USB than firewire. You have to purchase special components for your computer in order for it to access firewire speeds and ports.If you are building a new computer it is a no brainer to add a firewire port to it. If you are thinking of upgrading your existing system all it takes is a few simple questions to determine if it is worth it or not. Do you transfer tons of files back and forth from a video camera or a hard drive? Do you value extra cash or a little extra time more? So is FireWire right for your home hook-up? It certainly was for me. I like my computers speedy and fast. Take a few minutes to figure out whether the added benefits are worth it for you and then make a purchase. You won’t regret adding firewire to your computer. Faster is always better. Firewire is a great addition to any home computer or business machine.

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19.Jan.2011 FireWire FAQs

FireWire may be in more and more households, but it is far from nearing household name status. As a result, it’s time to eliminate confusion regarding terminology and basic operating fundamentals.

WiFi and FireWire, same thing? No, not at all actually. Despite similarly inverted phonetic properties, there is actually little to no correlation between WiFi, which represents wireless internet service, and FireWire, which is a wire based connectivity technology. Confusion may arise in that there are in fact wireless connectivity tools as well; FireWire simply isn’t one of them.

FireWire, i.Link, Lynx and and IEEE 1394, same thing? Essentially, yes. These are all synonyms for the same technology, differentiated by provided by company for branding purposes. FireWire is to Apple, what i.Link is to Sony, Lynx is to Texas Instruments, and IEEE 1394 is to generic terminology.

What are the key benefits of FireWire? Perhaps FireWire’s two defining characteristics are its speed and simplicity. FireWire enables computers to connect to fellow devices through a purely peer to peer network. This helps it to move at higher speeds than comparable USB technology while not chancing as many inherent security risks as are commonly found in WiFi hookups.

I’ve heard rumors of USB 3.0, how will FireWire compare? USB 3.0 is the next progression in IEEE 1394′s main competitor technology. Though like all USB models before it, FireWire will differ in that USB will still operate under a bus master format (meaning no true peer to peer network, as mentioned above). USB 3.0 will undoubtedly serve as an upgrade to traditional USB technology, but will not usurp IEEE 1394, at least in this opinion, as the premier wire-centric hookup option on the market.

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14.Jul.2010 What is Firewire?

If you are familiar with names “IEEE 1394,” “Sony i.Link” or “Lynx,” you probably already are familiar with “FireWire” whether you know it or not. The terms are more or less interchangeable, with the former serving as the official title of the technology. What FireWire boils down to is a basic connection between separate apparatuses enabling them to quickly and effectively communicate and share information. Originally created by Apple in 1995, from a technical standpoint the IEEE1394 technology is a serial bus interface standard, sending data one bit at a time in sequential order as opposed to parallel communication, in which multiple data bits are sent simultaneously or in a link between several parallel channels. Read more ›

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FireWire vs. USB debate

Both FireWire and USB technology is admittedly similar, helping users to transfer data from device to device with as little difficulty as possible. While they are similar, that is not to say the two are interchangeable, each operating under separate setups leading to a degree of differences that may cater better to individual needs. Read more ›

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